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Fall's Journey South
Fall's Journey South

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Help Track Fall's Journey South
Fall 2000 "Journey South News" Calendar

Send a Monarch
to Mexico

The 5th Annual Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration is about to begin! Students across the U.S. and Canada are invited to send symbolic butterflies to Mexico for the winter. Mexican students will watch over them --and return them next spring as the real monarchs journey north.

Help Track the Monarch Migration to Mexico!

The migration begins in August in northern regions and by early November the first butterflies arrive in Mexico. Report your sightings of southbound monarchs and help track their journey south.

Plant Study

It's time to dig in! Plant a Journey North Tulip Garden so you can proclaim the official arrival of spring in your community. Students across the Northern Hemisphere will follow the wave of Spring, 2001.

Unpave the Way
for Wildlife
Help ensure that the annual migrations to and through your region continue. Create your own refuge--on the breeding grounds, wintering grounds, or anywhere along the migration trail--and unpave the way for wildlife.

Put your habitat site on the map!

Data Exchange

Collect clues about seasonal changes in your part of the world. Then link up with a partner.

Using nature's clues, can you find your partner?

Journey South

As the fall season progresses, watch for news about the same migratory species and seasonal events you'll track next spring with Journey North.