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Journey South News

  • Tulip Garden Update: September 15, 2000
    Your tulip bulbs have arrived and you're about to bury them underground. Before you do, take one last look at them. Are there some important things you should know about them? After you plant your garden, don't forget to report to Journey North. We want to be sure that your garden will appear on next month's map!
  • Tulip Garden Update: October 13, 2000
    The first Journey North gardens have been planted! In last month's report, we were waiting for the first gardens of the year to be planted. And the word was heard across the globe! Students from Alaska to Finland set out to plant their Official Journey North Gardens. After you plant YOUR Official Journey North Garden, try your skills at our 1st Annual Microclimate Challenge: Cause two tulip bulbs to bloom as many days apart as possible.
  • Tulip Garden Update: November 10, 2000
    The number of Journey North gardens continues to grow, with another 89 new sites reporting this month. Soon voices everywhere will be asking, "When will it be spring?" Prediction is an important science skill, and this month's featured lesson guides you through a cycle of research and prediction. Also, read about Massachusetts students who've accept the "Microclimate Challenge"--then design your own Experimental Journey North Garden.
  • Tulip Garden Update: December 8, 2000
    We're now approaching the deepest, darkest time of winter, and 190 Journey North gardens are safely tucked into the ground. What do you suppose happens underground, when air temperatures drop lower and lower? Students can track underground temperatures and find out, using a simple soil thermometer. They're always surprised each spring to see how early their plants emerge. This activity will help you see why.


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