Fundacion Azteca America Raises $630,000 in U.S. for Gray Whale Conservation in the First Binational 'Movimiento Azteca America'
- Total funding exceeds target seven fold -

LOS ANGELES, March 16 /PRNewswire — Azteca America, the fastest-growing Hispanic television network in the U.S., through Fundacion Azteca America and the Laguna San Ignacio Conservation Alliance is pleased to announce that it exceeded its fundraising goal in support of the Gray Whale in its first "Movimiento Azteca America."

Fundraising in the United States alone was $630,000, exceeding the targeted goal by over 25%. However, the total amount raised in Mexico and the United States was over $3.5 million, which was seven times the $500,000 goal. The donations will be used by members of the Laguna San Ignacio Conservation Alliance to preserve the San Ignacio Lagoon, the last undeveloped gray whale birthing site in the world, and develop sustainable activities for families in the area surrounding the lagoon.

"We are proud to present this check on behalf of Azteca America friends, viewers and members of the Laguna San Ignacio Conservation Alliance," said Luis J. Echarte, Chairman of Azteca America. "And we look forward to continued efforts in support of the US Latino communities through Fundacion Azteca America."

Fundacion Azteca America would like to thank Fundacion Azteca, and especially Esteban Moctezuma, as well as coalition members WiLDCOAST, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the International Community Foundation, as well as Los Angeles Councilwoman Jan Perry, for their collaborative efforts during this Movimiento fundraising drive.

About Azteca America
Azteca America is the fastest-growing Hispanic network in the United States. The network is a wholly owned subsidiary of TV Azteca S.A. de C.V., one of the two largest producers of Spanish-language television content in the world. Azteca America currently has presence in 55 markets throughout the United States.

Fundacion Azteca America, Fundacion Azteca, Azteca America and TV Azteca are companies of Grupo Salinas, a group of dynamic, fast-growing, and technologically advanced companies focused on creating shareholder value, building the Mexican middle class, and improving society through excellence. Created by Mexican entrepreneur Ricardo B. Salinas, Grupo Salinas also includes Grupo Elektra, Banco Azteca, Afore Azteca, Seguros Azteca, Iusacell, Unefon, and Azteca Internet.

About Fundacion Azteca America
Fundacion Azteca America is a non-profit organization dedicated to improve the quality of life for members of the Hispanic community currently in the US.

At Fundacion Azteca America our philosophy is clear and simple: Respect the individual. Give back to society by improving health, nutrition, education and the environment. Empower the Hispanic community. Offer tools for self improvement rather than charity. And live up to our core values.

Azteca America Contact: Daniel McCosh (323) 517 0370
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