Journey North News: Spring 2013

Posted Wednesdays: Feb. 6, 20, March 6, 20, April 3, 17, May 1, 15

Students with life-size gray whale art they created

FINAL Gray Whale Migration Update: May 15, 2013 
Hungry whales passing Kodiak, Alaska are just halfway through their epic migration, heading for a 5-month feast on the arctic feeding grounds. Moms and babies are on their way, strung out along the Pacific Coast. It's been a season to celebrate. Thanks for joining us for the whales' 2013 journey north!

Photo Angela Salazar

Poster for Kodiak Whale Fest 2013

Gray Whale Migration Update: May 1, 2013 
First sightings of gray whales in Kodiak, Alaska, came just in time for Whale Fest. At the other end of the whale trail, it's rush hour for mom/baby pairs!


Image and Design: Stacy Studebaker

Arrow by gray whale points to mud circle indicating feeding activity.

Gray Whale Migration Update: April 17, 2013 
The first gray whales to reach Alaska were reported from Seward! The migration is in a lull between phases as we await more mothers with calves. The whales are hungry, per the clue in the photo!

Photo Caroline Armon

Mother gray whale and her calf on the journey north

Gray Whale Migration Update: April 3, 2013 
Peak numbers of adults plus the first moms and babies have been sighted along the California coast! Send questions to Ask the Expert, closing Friday.

Photo Wayne Perryman

Baby gray whale's open mouth showing baleen and tongue

Gray Whale Migration Update: March 20, 2013 
No moms and babies are migrating yet, but the journey north's leading whales are nearing Alaska! Got whale question? Ask the Expert opens Friday!

Photo Christopher Match

Touching gray whales in the nursery lagoons

Gray Whale Migration Update: March 6, 2013 
The lagoons are still teeming with babies and moms, but the northbound migration is full speed ahead. This week's slideshow explores what gray whales can teach us about survival.

Photo Eric Zimmerman

Student pets baby gray whale in the lagoon

Gray Whale Migration Update: February 20, 2013 
The journey north is underway! "We are right in the middle of our migration turnaround, with gray whales going in both directions," reports Alisa at ACS/LA. Meanwhile, admire the babies in our video clip and photo gallery from the nursery lagoons.

Photo Keith Jones

Baby gray whale's face

Gray Whale Migration Update: February 6, 2013 
Some Pacific gray whales are still southbound—but many are in Mexico's nursery lagoons. Meet some cute and curious one-ton newborns! Will this season match last year's record-breaking number of babies heading north? Welcome to the gray whales' monumental migration!

Photo The Orca Network

Baby gray whale showing baleen

Welcome and Orientation 
In December, gray whales began arriving in the sheltered birthing lagoons of Mexico's Baja California coast. As we begin our spring reports in February, more whales will still be heading south than north, but not for long! Spring 2012 was a record-breaking year after two years of lower calf counts; will the upward trend continue in 2013? Join us here on Feb. 5 for a new season of discoveries!
Photo Keith Jones