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Drips and Bees
Cheryle in Abbeville, LA observed something interesting from a juvenile male with a tiny, short bill on Oct. 4: "At first he had trouble putting his bill in the feeder hole. He would sit and use his tongue to get the drips from around the hole." Hummingbirds lap up the nectar when they eat, which may cause a small amount of nectar to drip on the surface of the feeder near the feeder ports. Bees quickly find those drips! Wiping feeder surfaces with a wet sponge helps avoid tempting bees. See more bee tips here.

"I cleaned and refreshed my feeders last night after the hummers had gone to bed. This morning I got up to HUNDREDS of yellow jackets swarming my patio. Not only can the poor hummers not eat, but I cannot sit out there. It seems that I am just feeding yellow jackets now, not hummers. The hummers and I are extremely distressed!"

Crystal R. in Mayfield, Kentucky (October 5, 2013)

Bee and Hummindbird near feeder
Image: Alexis Hayes


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