Migration News: September 19, 2014
By Jane Duden
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The southward push continues! Having led the way south, males now represent just over 10 percent of sightings reported. Hummer numbers are building in the mid latitudes and also near the Gulf Coast. Once there, will the tiny birds continue over land—or over sea?

“They are fighting over feeding rights, weighting-up for the trip further south." Katy, Texas 09/16/14 

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Migration Map
Hummingbird fall sightings
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Migration Highlights
Hummer nectaring at blossom hummingbird at feeder Twenty Hummingbirds at a feeder
Progressing South
Russ Thompson
Exiting Canada
Leslie Bergum
Increasing Near Coast
Scott Brega
Hummingbird resting on branch Immature Allen's hummingbird, perched with mouth open Hummingbird preening and sunning
Resting En Route
Michel Rondeau
Surprising Us
Docia Lenz
Preening and Sunning
Caren Mack
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By land or by sea, rubythroats are known to fly quite low during migration — just above the trees when flying over land, and skimming the waves when traveling over water. What do you think are the risks and benefits of each route?

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