Arriving in Mexico
September 20, 2016 by Rita Welch

"This is the first ruby of the season," reported Arnulfo Moreno from the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Hummingbird in Minnesota
Arnulfo Moreno      Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico      September 14, 2016

Migration Highlights
From north to south, people shared snapshot views of hummingbird migration this week.

Minnesota: "Some lady with a wide-brimmed hat in northern Minnesota is probably missing 'her' hummingbird. It came up to me this morning in the garden and stopped and glared at me from a foot in front of my nose. I went right back inside and came out with a full feeder, and it landed on the perch, took many sips of pre-warmed sugar water, then hovered about 6 inches from my left eye and darted away. The wind looked favorable for traveling south, so I doubt that I'll see that one again," reported Mary Arneson from Minneapolis on September 13th.

New York: "Small group of 6 birds remain feeding during the warmer hours, starting mid-morning and late into the day. Birds observed on feeders and Foxglove, Summersweet, Russian Sage and Bee Balm," notes Keith Declercq from Erieville on September 12th.

Arkansas: "I estimate between 40-50 females and young are here. Males have moved on a couple of days ago. More females joined the cluster this morning and all were feeding steadily at flowers and feeders. It appears that a large number of females moved on since morning, leaving around 10-15 mostly young with maybe an adult female or two," reported Bobby from Bull Shoals on September 19th.

Florida: "Fall migration is underway here in Florida. I have 5 feeders up and not enough food. It appears that 80% are sub-adult ruby-throated males with small throat patches of red. All are also enjoying nectar from my red salvias," reported Kathy from Fort Walton Beach on September 15th.

Keith Declercq      Erieville, New York     September 12, 2016

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