Going, going...
October 5, 2016 by Rita Welch

Migration is winding down. As the number of sightings decreases, observers are on the lookout for stragglers. Keep watching...

This young male is just getting the first red throat feathers.
His brilliant gorget will finish filling out on the wintering grounds after migration.
Barbara Manning took his picture in Iowa on October 3rd.

Migration Highlights
Single-bird sightings of hummingbirds passing through continued to dominate this week. From north to south, people shared snapshot views of hummingbird migration.

Illinois: "Still seeing some stragglers," said Susan from Cortland on October 3rd.

Indiana: "A sighting yesterday was of the fattest little hummingbird I ever saw. He was around for maybe an hour," reported Eileen from Culver on October 3rd.

Wisconsin: "Several females and juveniles early this week. After rains, we did not see any until today. Sighted 1 juvenile male — dark head, start of red gorget — feeding at Fuchsia," reported Ruth from Sheboygan on October 1st.

New Jersey: "After not seeing any for 6 days, a female/juvenile arrived and was nectaring from flowers and feeder on front porch," reported Barbara from Hackettstown on October 2nd.

Massachusetts: "Saw a chubby female feeding on Vermillion Cuphea. I took my feeder down 2 days ago because I had never seen a hummingbird here in October," reported Cheryl from Taunton on October 4th.


As October temperatures drop, what adaptation will help hummingbirds survive cold?

Report Your Sightings

Report at least once a week while hummingbirds are present during this fall migration season.

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