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Cold Snap? Lanny Chambers Says . . .
Journal and Discussion Questions
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  • What new things did you learn about ruby-throated hummingbirds from Lanny's report?

  • What things in Lanny's report surprised you?

  • What words in the report indicate that Lanny is not certain about what will happen to rubythroats? (Make a list.)

  • What factors does Lanny think are most important for the survival of migrating Rubythroats?

  • Why isn't a bad spring storm or natural disaster likely to wipe out most of the migrating Rubythroats?

  • What are the advantages of being an "early migrating" rubythroat? What are the risks?

  • What does Lanny think might be a problem for the rest of the hummingbirds as they migrate north? What can you do to help?

  • What do you wonder about hummingbirds and their migration after reading Lanny's report?