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Special Winter Visitor
This young bird overwintered in a North Carolina backyard. Calliopes are the tiniest of all the hummingbird species weighing about one-third that of the smallest North American warblers. In the summer they inhabit mountain areas of the northwestern United States and into British Columbia. In early fall they migrate south to Mexico. However, sometimes birds don't follow the rules.

"Our immature male Calliope has been with us since mid-Nov. 2014, overwintering here in Charlotte through a few inches of snow and several daytime temperatures in the 6-10° range. It has been an incredible experience to see a Calliope in our own back yard. He is timid compared to the Ruby-throats. We've watched him complete his molt and we suspect he started on his migration to his summer home, as we haven't seen him for the past 48 hrs." 04/02/15

Don Dorton Charlotte, North Carolina 04/02/15
Male juvenile Calliope