Getting Down to Business
April 28, 2017 By Mary Hosier

Many hummingbirds have arrived at their breeding grounds where the females are busy with nest-building chores.

rufous in the pollen
"Saw both male and female today. Looks like she's building a nest."
– James DeReuil in Pensacola, Florida on April 22nd.

The migration is in full force now with many reporting earlier than average first sightings, including one in Nova Scotia that rode the southern wind in mid-April.

"Single male. Earliest sighting for 15 years."
Madison, Wisconsin on April 24th.

"We saw a male ruby-throat briefly out the living room window. It flew to where we usually have a feeder. It was a warm day. Then we got 4" of snow overnight. Haven't seen it again."
Sydney, Nova Scotia on April 16th.

Rufous On Schedule
Each year as temperatures in high elevations warm up and early flowers bloom, Rufous hummingbirds travel east into the U.S. and Canadian high country.

"One male, right on schedule. He stayed for a few minutes and then was gone; he said he had some serious courting to do."
Liberty Lake, Washington on April 23rd.

"First male Rufous for 2017. We're lakeside in the 'Okanagan flyway.' He drank for 2 minutes, then flew along the migration path over the lake, much like he was "filling up" before resuming on the highway northward."
Osoyoos, British Columbia on April 21st.

Western Species
Calliope hummingbirds were reported along the Washington and British Columbian border. Many Broad-tailed and Black-chinned reported from the Colorado Rockies.

In the Rain

female Broad-tail
First Female

First Calliope

Building a Nest
What Materials do Hummingbirds Use to Build a Nest?

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