Reaching Peak
May 12, 2017 By Mary Hosier

A surge of sightings reported this week. The leading edge has moved to 44°N, with some birds moving up the Atlantic Coast into the Canadian Maritimes.

rufous hummingbird
Single male seen on feeder in Lakeshore, Ontario on May 7th. Photo by Deborah Stanley.

Arriving at Feeders
It was a wet, and cooler than normal week across the Great Lakes region and up into New England. The weather, however, didn't seem to deter the migration. Skies cleared, wind shifted to the south, and Ruby-throats were reported in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Nova Scotia.

"Finally, latest ever sighting, such terrible weather lately, Male stopped by at feeder and probably continued his journey. Frost this morning, poor thing."
Caledon, Ontario on May 8th.

Males Fighting for Territory
As migrants reach their northern breeding grounds they stake out their territory. Try keeping a couple feeders filled and located far from each other.

"I had two males fighting over the feeder at dusk. So now I am certain there are two. I put out several feeders out of view of each other but they still manage to fight over them."
York, Maine on May 6th.

Rufous Hummingbirds
Sightings of Rufous moving north into Canadian Rockies and arriving at 61°N on the Alaskan coast in Valdez.

"Finally. These little guys are VERY late this year, one male and one female so far."
Valdez, Alaska on May 1st.

rufous hummingbird
At Oriole Feeder in Maine

rufous hummingbird
Arriving in Minnesota

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