Looking for Food
March 10, 2017 by Mary Hosier

Hummingbird migrants continue to arrive from their wintering grounds, though March weather can make this a risky trip for early birds.

Hummingbird Migration
"First Rufous of the year, and what a show they gave us drinking deep from the Aloe arborescenes
reported Julie Joynt, February 24th in Trinidad, California.

Winds and Migration
Hummingbirds are just starting their spring migrations. Keep an eye on wind and weather maps as migration progresses this spring.

A cold front is moving into the eastern U.S., so birds won't be able to make it very far for a few days. This will change in the coming days with more favorable conditions for flying. Watch for more Ruby-throats to arrive along the Gulf coast early next week.

Migration is On
The perilous journey continues and reports are dribbling in from along the Gulf coast. Fortunately, flowers are providing nectar for these early arrivals. Most hummingbirds can consume more than their body weight in nectar each day.

"Saw my first mature male hummingbird feeding from the trumpet vine. Then taking a long rest by the vine."
Gautier, Mississippi on March 8th.

Watch for Rufous along the Pacific coast and into Canada.

"Still have a few Anna's hummers hanging around. They usually leave before the Rufous return, but not this year."
Philomath, Oregon on March 5th.

Western Species
Exciting news out of Hurricane, Utah, where an over-wintering male Broad-billed Hummingbird has spent the winter. Normally, the northern reach of this bird's range is southeastern Arizona. At least 100 birders have come to see him.

"This is the first fall/winter the Broad-billed has visited the area. He is now nectaring on the feeders and visiting my blooming rosemary, forsythia, etc."
Hurricane, Utah on March 2nd.


Changeable Weather

Strong Flight Feathers

Broad-billed Hummingbird

Allen's Hummingbirds
The Allen's Hummingbird is a very early migrant compared with most hummingbirds. Northbound birds may depart on spring migration as early as December and arrive on the summer breeding grounds as early as January. They breed only along a narrow strip of coastal California and southern Oregon.
"Bella" the Allen's Hummingbird Babies Hatch
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* Early Ruby-throat migration maps include sightings forwarded to us by Lanny Chambers of Hummingbirds.net. This sighting collaboration helps to make our maps more complete during the early phase.