A Stop-n-Go Advance
April 7, 2017 By Mary Hosier

Wind-driven or hunkered-down — hummingbirds continue their journey towards their summer breeding grounds.

rufous in the pollen
Ruby-throated Hummingbird captured in mid-air by Jack Blanke from Metairie, Louisiana on April 3rd.

Winds, weather, and migration all go together. Storms slowed Ruby-throat migration through the western plains while south winds pushed them up north into North Carolina and Virginia and southern Indiana this week.

"We sighted our first hummer. At 8:33 this morning after a horrific storm last night. They're home."
Andersonville, Tennessee on April 6th.

"It's been a stormy day with winds coming up from the south and when I saw the hummingbird, it was sunny and between storms. YEAH!"
Murphy, North Carolina on April 5th.

"A male Ruby-throat arrived. Our weather's welcome was rain and cold. Nectar is in feeder, honeysuckle, and columbine. I hope he stays!"
Star, North Carolina on April 5th.

Rufous Stalled
The leading edge of the Rufous migration has been stalled out at around 50°N this week. With cooler than normal temperatures along the Pacific Northwest coast this spring there have been no Alaska sightings reported yet.



Weather and Migration


Let the Banding Begin
This week hummingbird bander Meret Wilson reported her first female Ruby-throat. It was captured and banded near Ormond Beach, Florida. Bird banding is one of the most valuable tools in ornithological research. Data from banders across North America, kept in national archives, gives researchers information about birds and their migration patterns. Read more...
bird banding Rufous early December, Alexander City, AL
See the process — start to finish Banding finished - Ruby Counting gorget feathers - Rufous
Journal: How do Winds, Weather, and Migration All Go together?
What weather challenges or benefits could a hummingbird face on its journey to your town this spring? Describe the wind, rain, sun, and cold they could experience along the way. Journal
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Hummingbird Migration: What to Report

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