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Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration

Letter from Mrs. Baker's 3rd Grade

Gail G. Petri (
Wed, 12 May 1999 10:40:40 -0400

Dear Journey North Friends,
We are Mrs. Baker's class from Fyle Elementary School
in Rochester, New York. We are in Third Grade. We sent 23
paper butterflies to Mexico in November and we got 19
back from all over. Here are some of the places we got
butterflies from:
1- Sheppard School in Santa Rosa, CA (Stacy)
2 and 3-New Lane Elementary in Selden, NY (Daniel and Dolce)
4-Brooklyn Friends School in Brooklyn, NY (Ilana)
5-19 Beautiful butterlies made with orange paper and little
white balls and melted crayons from all over Mexico
Journey North is awesome! We are raising 29 painted
ladies in our class and Mrs. Petri just ordered 12 monarch
larvae to raise in the Library.
Happy Spring and Happy Monarch Watching!
Mrs. Baker's Bunch

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