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Arctic Terns (Sterna paradisaea) make the longest migration of any creature on earth. This sea bird flies the equivalent of three round trips to the Moon, or more than 1.25 million miles, in its lifetime.

Arctic Terns can live up to 34 years. Most mate for life, and often return to the same nest each year. The largest colonies in the world occur in Maine, where the terns have increased from 666 pairs in 1984 to 2,704 pairs in 2008.

Tern parents bring larger fish to chicks than they eat themselves. Arctic terns fledge after 21–24 days. While gulls are the largest threats to terns in Maine, food shortages due to overfishing and climate change may also be affecting populations.

How do Arctic Terns respond to seasonal change? The images and video clips captured on Seal Island Audubon Live cams are your springboard to research and discovery.