Live Cam Viewing Guide
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Live cams capture moments in time from places around the globe. Bring the outside world into the classroom. Explore how sunlight drives seasonal change and affects all living things. The live cam experience is a springboard to research and discovery. Using the resources below, inspire students to explore the essential question:

Essential Question
How do animals in different parts of the world respond to seasonal change?

Teaching Suggestions

1. Observe and Wonder
Watch the live feed, and encourage students to share thoughts, questions, and predictions as they observe wildlife in real-time. Wonder aloud to model how to watch the action with the eyes of a scientist.

2. Document Observations
Set up scheduled viewing times. Have pairs of students take turns viewing the live cam for a set period of time. Create an observation log where students can record what they observe. Read aloud and discuss log entries.

3. Build Observation Skills
Introduce a video clip with recorded footage and give students a viewing challenge:

  • What verbs describe the behaviors you see?
  • What nouns describe the animals and objects?
  • What words could describe the habitat? the weather? the season?

Watch the clip several times as students fill the chart with words. Have them check a thesaurus for synonyms and related words that could be added to the A-Z chart.

4. Research and Explore
Track down facts to answer questions that were sparked by observing live cam footage. After research, revisit the live feed or video clips. Share thoughts about your before-and-after-research observations. Challenge students to explore the animal's annual cycle to discover how it responds to seasonal change. Month by month, where is the animal and what is it doing?

5. Showcase Discoveries
Have students work in small groups to creatively showcase what they discovered by observing and researching wildlife.

What I see, What I wonder
Observation Log

Word Collector
Viewing Challenge

Annual Cycle Calendar

Student Showcase on Pinterest
Student Showcase

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