Where could you kick a soccer ball between two hemispheres?

On the equator!
The equator is an imaginary horizontal line. It encircles the Earth like a belt. The equator marks the mid-point between the North and South Poles. The latitude of the equator is zero degrees.

Macapá, Brazil, is located on the equator. Many people visit its equator line monument Marco Zero, and the Zerão soccer stadium just steps away. Part of the stadium lies north of the equator, and part lies south.

Looking for Clues?
Macapá is not a Mystery Class site. However, you can compare its photoperiod to yours and that of the 10 mystery sites.

Macapá, Brazil
February 7, 2011
Sunrise Sunset
06:35 18:42

Now you have the photoperiod for two known locations, your town and Macapá on the equator. Using this information:

  • Can you tell which Mystery Classes are north and south of the equator?
  • Which site is closest to the equator?

Macapá, Brazil
is located on the equator.

Soccer field and monument
Photo: Google Earth

One Field, Two Hemispheres
The equator crosses this field.

Soccer field and monument
Photo: Embassy of Brazil, London
Marco Zero monument