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How to Submit Your Answers
  • April 20, 2018
  • Late entries are not eligible.

About Your Class

  • If your class has multiple grades, list all grades (4/5 or 4,5,6).
  • If you are submitting answers from multiple classes:
    • Submit a separate answer form for each class.
    • Under class name, identify each class specifically.
      For example, Ms. Johnson's 1st hour class.

Your Answers
Include the following information about each mystery site you found:

    Name of City/Town; if location is not a city/town, then give name of specific place (e.g. ABC Park, XYZ Station).

    Name of Country, not the state/province. If location has no country, name the continent.

    Approximate Latitude and Longitude
    Use degrees/minutes or decimal degrees.

Results Announced
On Friday, April 27, Mystery Class locations will be revealed.

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Answer Form

Answer Form