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February 2, 2018 by Julie Brophy

It's the second week of sunrise/sunset data. What will the photoperiod clues reveal about the locations of mystery sites?

Flag of Gabon

Week #2: North or South?

If you can find out what the yellow stripe on the Gabon flag represents, you'll zero in on an important line that circles the Earth and divides the globe into two hemispheres.

Looking for a Clue?
Look carefully at the photoperiod clues to discover which mystery sites are north or south of the line.


Photoperiod Clues from the Mystery Sites

Mystery Class Photoperiod Map

Compare Your Photoperiod

Report Photoperiod

Mystery Class Photoperiod Map

Journal: Latitude Shoes    


Journal #2

Strap on
Latitude Shoes
and go for a
24-hour ride
around the globe!

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sample gallery


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