Mystery Class Sunlight Challenge: Week #4
February 16, 2018 by Julie Brophy

Clocks around the world are set at different times. This week, explore time zones to get ready for special time clues coming in March.

Amitermes meridionalis
Neil Liddle (CC BY 2.0)

Week #4: Time Zones

The mounds of Amitermes meridionalis stand up to 13 feet tall in Australia. To control heat from the Sun, the tiny residents build them on a magnetic north/south line, like the needle on a compass. At sunset, their silhouettes are striking. What is your local time when the Sun is setting on these termite homes?

Looking for Clues?
This year's 10 Mystery Classes are located in eight different time zones. After any daylight saving time changes, the 10 Mystery Classes will be located in seven different time zones.


Photoperiod Clues from the Mystery Sites


Mystery Class Photoperiod Map

Compare Your Photoperiod

Report Photoperiod

Mystery Class Photoperiod Map


Journal: It's Time to Ask Questions

Why are there 24 hours in a day? Why is the world divided into time zones? When you think about time, what questions come to mind? Use these time-related acronyms and sample questions to spark your thinking.

Journal #4
Next Update February 23, 2018