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Fall 2006
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November 3, 2006
Las primeras mariposas monarcas han llegado! The first monarchs have arrived! After crossing half a continent, the monarchs must strike a finish line about 70 miles wide. What's so special about this place? Monarchs travel to a very small region in Mexico from across eastern North America.
Within the region, only 12 places have the habitat the butterflies need to survive. What's so special about this place for monarchs? Also, Estela Romero tells us about Dia de los Muertos, and the local belief that monarchs are the returning souls of ancestors

October 27, 2006
Eight days after a cold front pushed spectacular numbers of monarchs across west Texas, monarchs cruised across the skies of northern Mexico, 300 miles to the south. But this time, people saw "miles y miles de mariposas monarcas" and said that a "frente frio" was responsible. The migration is in northern Mexico at last! The route the monarchs travel through Mexico presents a mystery: why don't the butterflies travel straight south? Explore some maps and read Dr. Bill Calvert's thoughts on the subject.

October 20, 2006
A strong cold front moved across Texas, the wind shifted to the north and "hundreds upon thousands of Monarch butterflies were riding the front, heading south." The sky was filled with Monarchs drifting on the strong tailwind. How high do monarchs fly? Puzzle this out with pictures from the sky. And this week's news from the Monarch's winter home in Mexico--they're arriving!

October 13, 2006
This fall’s extraordinary migration has added a remarkable chapter. The largest gathering of the season is now resting and refueling in Arkansas. In New Orleans, hundreds were migrating along the longest bridge in the world rather than travel across the open water. Such careful water-avoiding behavior makes one wonder: how did monarchs reported this week in the Bahamas and England get there? "Por fin en México!!!" came the word as this report was about to go out the door. Monarchs are crossing the border at the rate of 100 per hour.
October 6, 2006
It's a unique year. Monarchs are unusually abundant in the East and scarce in the Midwest. This fall’s migration map is revealing a pattern we’ve never seen before. It sheds light on a migration mystery: Which way do monarchs from the East Coast travel to Mexico?
September 29, 2006
A spectacular migration is moving down the Atlantic Coast right now from Maine to Virginia. On Monday, over 13,000 monarchs rested on the Massachusetts Coast. On Wednesday, a clear wave traveled over New York City and delighted those who saw butterflies fill the sky. This map shows three great places to watch monarch migration on the Atlantic Coast. A combination of wind, geography, and monarch behavior explain it. Can you see why?
September 22, 2006
Summer is over! People noted the "stop and go" nature of monarch migration during the dramatic change in weather this week. Monarch butterflies are in a race against time during fall migration. They can't fly if it's below 55F. When and where can a monarch fly today?
ElRosario0080 September 15, 2006
As monarchs pass overhead on their way to Mexico, you may wonder, How fast do monarchs migrate? Where will the butterflies I see right now be in a few hours, days, or weeks? Nobody can travel with a butterfly, but tagged monarch butterflies tell amazing tales. Today's true stories show how much a few tiny butterflies can teach us about migration.
September 8, 2006
Which way to Mexico? Monarch navigation has mystified researchers for years. How do these insects find their winter home deep in the Transvolcanic Mountains? Learn about the current theories. Imagine you took wing to fly along with them -- what would your journey look like? The monarchs are marching down the map towards their final destination. Reports coming in this week as far south as 40N. Take a free minute and set your eyes on the skies!
September 1, 2006
The migration to Mexico is underway! The word came first from Ontario this year, and the date was only August 3rd. Do monarchs migrate earlier than the science books say? Before the Internet, collecting such an observation would have been hard. Now, "citizen scientists" are contributing important information about monarch migration. We hope you're ready to help!

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