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Who saw the strongest migration?
Each of the observers below saw migrating monarchs. Where was the migration the strongest? Calculate the migration rate in monarchs per hour to find out.
Comments from Observers Migration Rate

"During a 40 minute drive my grandson and I counted 31 monarchs migrating." Rochester, MN (9/5/10)


"We have never seen the monarch migration in our area before. I counted 47 in 5 minutes." Shawano, WI (9/6/10)


"While my husband and I were sitting on porch, we observed approximately 150 monarchs flying from the east, coming over our garage, and heading out of sight toward the west, over our house. This went on for about 45 minutes and was still happening when we came back inside, just now."
St. Ignace, MI (9/6/10)


"As I drove my two bus routes this afternoon I counted 20 migrating monarchs. That was in 42 miles over a 2.5 hour period. All the monarchs I saw were in town. None in the country. That was because the wind was so much greater out of town." Waterloo, IA (9/7/10)

"I saw 2 monarchs in 25 minutes. My starting time was 7:04 am and my ending time was 7:29 am. I noticed that monarchs seem to be more active in the warmer part of the morning and day." Bristol, VT (9/6/10)  
"Took an afternoon drive to look for monarchs. They were everywhere on the move. Drove between Manitowoc and Two Rivers, WI (a 15 minute drive) and counted at least a hundered monarchs." Manitowoc, WI (9/7/10)  
"From 8 am until around 9 pm I watched as thousands of monarchs floated south past my cottage. About one every ten seconds in the first 2 hours. Amazing and beautiful!" Onekama, MI (9/2/10)