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Where are the migration pathways in the Great Lakes region?
Monarch migration hotspots on the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes pose a challenge for monarchs as they travel from Canada to Mexico. The butterflies must avoid crossing open water unless the wind and weather are right.

1. Inspect this map. Which way do you think monarchs would travel as they depart Canada?

2. If a monarch were to fly over one of the Great Lakes, how many miles of open water would it have to cross? Where could a butterfly find the shortest over-water passage?

3. Study this fall's Roost map and map of Peak Migration Sightings. Read the observers' comments. Where did people see the highest numbers of monarchs last week?

Try This!
Make a map to showcase the migration hotspots along the Great Lakes last week. Write a summary report describing events that occured along the Great Lakes. Share your map with your class or school. (Use the "Contact Us" link if you'd like to share your work with Journey North.)