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Observation Reports
Identifying Scientifically Helpful Details

Sample Report #1 Sample Report #2
September 27
Boones Mill, Virginia

At 11:00 AM the second grade science class excitedly observed 15 monarchs in about 10 minutes. They were flying in a westerly direction. We watched them fly from over the roof of the school, and then at about tree-top level.
September 30
Grover, Missouri (39 N, -91W

The afternoon temperature was in the mid 80's and a strong wind was blowing from the south. I counted 13 Monarchs in a 2 hour period. Most were feeding off a butterfly bush and resting in a Sweet Gum Tree. They were so beautiful!

Check off details you find in each sample report.


Sample #1

Sample #2

The date the observer saw the monarchs



How many monarchs the observer saw



The name of the observer's town and state or province



Latitude and longitude information



Details about monarchs’ behavior



The time the person saw the monarchs



The length of time the person was watching



Details about how often the observer was watching



Details about wind and/or other weather conditions



Details about habitat: nectaring plants, water sources, how the place was providing for needs: food, water, shelter, space



Comparison details: one place to another; one time to another



Reflection Question
Why is it important to include details when you submit a monarch report?





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