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Who saw the strongest migration?
Each of the observers below saw migrating monarchs. Where was the migration the strongest? Calculate the migration rate in monarchs per hour to find out.
Comments from Observers Migration Rate
9/21/12: Monroe, Virginia
When I was at recces I saw 37 butterflies going south for the winter. It was about 3 butterflies coming at once. We saw all those butterflies in 15 minutes. We have been seeing like 1 or 2 a day but last Friday was the most.
9/25/12: Statesville, NC
Just did a 15 minute watch and counted 12 monarch butterflies traveling west.

9/22/12: Circleville, WV
Nicole and Gatan saw 10 monarchs in 10 minutes. The monarchs were flying north to south without stopping.

09/21/112 Starkville, MS
Several students saw monarchs flying through our school playground. The total for the day was 43.
09/21/12: Sheboygan, WI
During the past week not as many monarchs have been spotted. The students spotted 23 adults flying either east or south. The weather has been cooler and frost occurred twice during the week.
9/22/12: Sparta, NC
Observed 150+ (conservatively) Monarchs, one after the other in Doughton Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the NC mountains. Saw many more near Sparta, NC. All heading South. Started seeing them early, around 9am. Originally went to the mountains to watch Broad Winged Hawks migrate. Observation time: 1 hour, 30 minutes
9/23/12: Old Fort, NC
Constant stream going from east to west. No more than 5 seconds without at least one (and usually 3 or 4) being is view. Observation time: 45 minutes

9/21/12: Fairlawn, VA
While traveling interstate 81 near Roanoke, counted around 40 passing by headed south. Observation time: 2 hours

Duration: 01 hours 35 minutes Number: 60 here

9/22/12: Kingfisher, OK
Monarchs are migrating across central Oklahoma! From 5pm to 5:45pm, I noticed an increase of Monarchs flying. I counted 20 Monarchs in that time period in a directional southerly flight.

9/21/12: Montclair, NJ
The hawk watch in Montclair had a massive movement of monarch butterflies from 4:00 in the afternoon until about 6:00. The best estimate of the number is between three and five thousand. Never in the long history of this second oldest regularly staffed hawk watch has anything like this been seen.

9/22/12: Boone, NC
We spotted at least 80-100 Monarchs at the Thunderhill Overlook on the Parkway - close to Boone. They were all flying in a southwest direction - some of them would stop and nectar up on the asters and goldenrod in the area before crossing the Parkway and soaring over the escarpment which overlooks Boone. They all seemed to be enjoying the powerful uplift as they soared through.