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Monarch sanctuary region of Mexico Fall 2013: Thursdays: August 22 - November 7, 2013

November 14, 2013
Monarchs are now arriving at the winter sanctuaries in Mexico. How many survived the journey? Why do monarchs fly across the continent to reach this special place?

Image: Estela Romero

Monarch sanctuary region of Mexico

News Flash: 10 pm EDT November 6, 2013

First monarchs have reached their winter home in Mexico!

Image: Estela Romero

Monarch butterfly overwintering region in Mexico November 6, 2013
Millions of monarchs have yet to reach their overwintering site in Mexico, a region only 73 miles wide. How the butterflies find this place—where none has been before—is one of nature's greatest wonders. Image: NASA
Monarch Butterfly

October 31, 2013
Monarchs are moving across northern Mexico now, and the first should reach the overwintering region any day. The arrival is tied to Mexican traditions, culture, and seasons.

Image: Carol Cullar

Monarch migration crossing the US/Mexico border

October 24, 2013
The long-awaited wave of monarchs has entered Mexico. Although it's their first migration, monarchs follow routes previous monarchs have flown.

Image: Carol Cullar

Monarch Butterflies nectaring in Iowa prairie

October 17, 2013
Monarchs are stacking up in Texas under south winds, and coming down from the north in unsually large numbers. Can late-season monarchs make it to Mexico?

Image: Matt Irwin

Monarch Butterflies nectaring in Iowa prairie

October 10, 2013
Long-awaited north winds swept the migration into Texas, and a late peak occurred at northern latitudes.

Image: Matt Irwin

Estela Romero welcome

October 3, 2013
The migration made a clear push southward this week. Estela Romero says people in Mexico are eager for the monarchs' arrival.

Image: Estela Romero

Monarch Butterfly

September 26, 2013
Monarch migration is stop and go. The places monarchs rest and refuel are important for the success of the migration.

Image: Janet Allen

Monarch Butterfly

September 19, 2013
Monarchs rely on the wind to get to Mexico, but it's also a migration hazard. This week explore how the wind can affect our tiny travelers.

Image: Barbara Bonham

Flower Phenology

September 12, 2013
As cold-blooded animals, monarchs are affected by temperature throughout their lives. How can warm temperatures impact fall migration?

Image: Elizabeth Howard

Monarch Butterflies nectaring in Iowa prairie

September 5, 2013
Numbers are down, but monarchs are on their way to Mexico, flying, nectaring, and roosting.

Image: Bruce Morrison

A Typical Roost

August 29, 2013
We're waiting for reports of overnight roosts, a traditional sign of fall migration. Your observations reveal this year's unfolding story.

Image: Patty Moss

Monarch Butterfly

August 22, 2013
Fall migration is underway! With low numbers this breeding season, how many monarchs will be migrating to Mexico?

Image: Jared Buker

Monarch butterfly migration

Get Ready!
Get ready to track the monarch's migration to Mexico! Beginning August 22nd, weekly news updates will be posted on Thursdays. Read pre-migration news, find out how to report your sightings, to real-time maps, and more...

Image: Bud Hensley

Monarch Butterfly laying egg on milkweed Archived Seasons

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