Monarch Migration News: November 6, 2014
By Elizabeth Howard
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The first monarchs of the 2014-2015 overwintering season have reached their mountain home in México. The first colony — containing several thousand monarchs — was discovered on November 2nd.

Monarch Butterflies
November 2, 2014    Sierra Chincua Sanctuary    Felipe Martínez Meza

News: It's Official!
The official announcement came from Biologist Felipe Martínez Meza, Assistant Director of Mexico's Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.

"Faithful to their cultural and ancestral tradition, the monarchs have begun to arrive in their overwintering palace in Mexico. Unlike last year, when the Monarchs came late, around the 10th of November, this year they arrived at their appointed time, on the Day of the Dead in Mexico."

The discovery of so many monarchs already in the Sanctuary was a surprise, says Martínez Meza:

"The Monarchs have not been seen on the roads or in open spaces in Michoacán, but some have already reached the fir forests!"

Millions More on the Way
Monarchs will continue to arrive throughout the month of November and into December, depending on wind and temperature conditions along the migratory path to the north. Very late monarchs continue to be reported, including one this week in Ontario.

Individual Journeys
Each butterfly now resting in the forest has completed a magnificent migration. We have a rare opportunity, when tagged monarchs are found, to see snapshots of individual journeys. Two recent recoveries raise questions and reveal clues about migration.

Monarch Butterflies
It's Official
Monarch butterfly overwintering region in Mexico
They're Home
Monarch Butterflies
Individual Journeys
Winter in Mexico: Month-by-month Highlights
November   December
Monarch Butterflies arriving in Mexico   Scientists visit the 12 wintering sites and measure the surface area the colonies cover.
Monarchs Arrive
Throughout the month, monarchs continue to arrive from the north and settle in at the 12 traditional wintering sites.
  Scientists Count
Scientists visit the 12 wintering sites and measure the surface area the colonies cover. Results will be released in March, 2015.
January   February
Monarch Butterflies wintering in Mexico   Monarch Butterflies wintering in Mexico
Surviving Cold
Watch the weather! At this coldest time of year, monarchs are at the greatest risk of mortality from deadly winter storms.
  Preparing to Migrate
Monarchs that survive four winter months will mate and begin the journey north in March. Join us for weekly updates on Feb. 5, 2015.
Maps: Report Your Sightings
Please continue to report your sightings. Help document how long fall migration lasts and where monarchs found this winter.
Winter Monarchs?
When you see a monarch, we want to know about it.

What to Report to Track Fall Migration

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What to Report Adult Butterflies
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Monarch Butterfly Migration Map: Fall Roosts, Fall 2014 Monarch Butterfly Migration Map: Peak Migration Fall 2014 How You Can Help
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Journal and Activities
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