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Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: May 27, 2005

Today's Report Includes:


Latest Migration Map and Data

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News From Along the Migration Trail
This is the week we've been waiting for!

  • A flurry of 48 monarch sightings flew in, as the migration continued its advance into the Upper Midwest. Over fifty percent of the week's sightings came from Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
  • Among the Minnesota observers was 8-year-old Christopher M., who was thrilled to spot a monarch before his mom. "He knows his monarchs," vouched his mother, and added that Christopher's first word was "flies" for butterflies. "We had GREAT winds blowing in from the south on Saturday and Sunday (May 21 & 22). Maybe that helped the migration along."
  • The first monarchs have indeed crossed into Canada! A very worn butterfly was spotted at Point Pelee National Park on the northern shore of Lake Erie. The sighting occurred on May 14th so it missed its rightful place on last week's migration map.
  • The second sighting from Ontario came on Saturday the 21st, from the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, "the hopping off point for northward migrating birds and butterflies crossing Lake Huron/Georgian Bay," said the observer.
  • The leading edge of the migration has now reached latitude 45 N. That's half way to the North Pole! How far north do you think the monarchs will travel? Where do you think they will stop and why?
  • Monarchs have now been reported from three additional U.S. states and our first Canadian province: MN, WI, ON, UT. Predicting the Route: Now How Many States and Provinces?

How Does This Year's Migration Compare?
Migration maps from previous years show how the pattern and extent of this year's migration compares:
2001 2002 2003 2004

 The Monarch Migration Continues!
Other Journey North migrations have come to an end, but we'll continue to track the monarchs until they have expanded across their entire breeding range. Weekly updates with migration maps and data will be provided every Friday until the end of June.
We Need Your Help: Please Report Your Sightings
It's an important year to document the migration, so please don't go away. Even if monarchs have already been reported from your state or province, we want to know when YOU see YOUR first monarch.
  • Remember: We can't track the migration without your help!

Year-End Evaluation: Please Share Your Thoughts!
Please take a few minutes to share your suggestions and comments in our Year-End Evaluation. The information readers provide is critical for planning new initiatives and for improving Journey North. We'd appreciate your help. THANK YOU!

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The Next Monarch Migration Update Will Be Posted on June 3, 2005

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