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Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: June 10, 2005

Today's Report Includes:


Latest Migration Map and Data


News From Along the Migration Trail
The 51 sightings added to our map make this the busiest week of the season. Monarchs were reported by a brother (who told his sister), teachers and students, mothers and fathers. A bird watcher and a construction worker both saw monarchs while doing their jobs.

This week's highlights:

  • The northernmost monarch was seen at 48 N on Ontario's Rainy River, just north of the Minnesota border.

  • Sightings of multiple monarchs were common this week. It was not unusual for observers to see two or even three monarchs at a time. This is a noteworthy change and reflects a substantial increase in the monarch population.

  • After a cool spring in Ontario, almost a dozen "first monarch" reports were filed from that province last week. "As predicted, with temperatures over the past few days reaching close to 80 F, and lots of lilac shrubs in bloom, migrating monarchs were spotted today," wrote Don Davis on June 5th from Ontario.

  • One monarch was feeding on lilacs on the north shore of Lake Ontario, presumably after crossing the lake. "One usually does not see monarchs until mid afternoon as it takes this long to cross the lake. They are often 'punky' - very tired/exhausted," said Rod Parrott, who saw the butterfly.

  • Monarchs have now been reported from a total of 34 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces. New this week were: NY, VT, ME, and CT: Predicting the Route: Now How Many States and Provinces?

  • Perhaps most striking is how SIMILAR the migration is from year to year! As you look at the comparative maps below consider how remarkable this is, given the many variables monarchs encounter.

How Does This Year's Migration Compare?
2000 2002 2003 2004
 The Monarch Migration Continues!
Other Journey North migrations have come to an end, but we'll continue to track the monarchs until they have expanded across their entire breeding range. Weekly updates with migration maps and data will be provided every Friday until the end of June. 
We Need Your Help: Please Report Your Sightings
It's an important year to document the migration, so please don't go away. Even if monarchs have already been reported from your state or province, we want to know when YOU see YOUR first monarch.
  • Remember: We can't track the migration without your help!

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The Next Monarch Migration Update Will Be Posted on June 17, 2005

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