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Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: June 17, 2005

Today's Report Includes:


Latest Migration Map and Data


News From Along the Migration Trail
Look how far the migration has progressed, now that it's the middle of June!

  • The northernmost monarch has now been reported from latitude 50N in Manitoba. That is 2,147 miles (3,455 km) north of the overwintering sites in Mexico!
  • A sighting this week from New Brunswick at latitude 46N means monarchs are as far as 2,753 miles (4,430 km) northeast of the overwintering sites.
  • Please note: These distances are measured "as the crow flies." In contrast, as the butterflies fly, no single butterfly flew this far. It took at least two generations. What's more, monarchs probably don't cross the Gulf of Mexico as our measurement to the northeast does. (To measure distances from Mexico, see the Online Distance Calculator.)
  • As the breeding season progresses, it's often hard to tell which sightings reflect broader distribution (due to migration) and which reflect greater abundance (due to reproduction). Among the 75 sightings added to the map this week are first sightings from states in southern regions of the summer breeding range. Can you find them?

How Does This Year's Migration Compare?
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 The Monarch Migration Continues!
Other Journey North migrations have come to an end, but we'll continue to track the monarchs until they have expanded across their entire breeding range. Weekly updates with migration maps and data will be provided every Friday until the end of June. 
We Need Your Help: Please Report Your Sightings
It's an important year to document the migration, so please don't go away. Even if monarchs have already been reported from your state or province, we want to know when YOU see YOUR first monarch.
  • Remember: We can't track the migration without your help!

Year-End Evaluation: Please Share Your Thoughts!
Please take a few minutes to share your suggestions and comments in our Year-End Evaluation. The information readers provide is critical for planning new initiatives and for improving Journey North. We'd appreciate your help. THANK YOU!

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The Next Monarch Migration Update Will Be Posted on June 24, 2005

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