How Many Football Fields Would the Monarchs Cover?

This year’s monarch population is estimated to cover 6.67 hectares. How many football fields would all of this year’s butterfly trees cover?

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In 2005/2006 the estimate was 5.9 hectares.

Dakota, Amanda, Jasmine, Leanna, Travis, and Dalton of Mrs. Busher’s class shared their calculations. They said the monarchs would cover 14.57 football fields. "Rounded off, this would be 15 football fields," they said.

Great job! Here is our rough calculation:

  • 1 football field is roughly 1 acre*
  • 2.47 acres in 1 hectare
  • 2.47 football fields in 1 hectare
  • 5.9 hectares of monarch trees this year
  • 5.9 X 2.47 = 14.57 football fields of monarch trees this year.

* The exact measurements of football fields vary.

Just think: Monarchs flew to Mexico from across eastern North America and they are now clustered in an area smaller than 15 football fields!