Monarch Migration News: May 5, 2016
By Elizabeth Howard

A new generation is emerging and a surge in sightings is about to occur.

Fresh monarch in Glen Rose, Texas

"Skittish and obscured by thistles, today I saw at least 4 first generation monarchs on or around a massive patch of Texas Thistles." — Gregg Lee   Glen Rose, TX

News: A Time of Transition
Monarchs entered Texas over a month ago, and their offspring are now beginning to appear.

"Today I saw at least four," reported Gregg Lee of Glen Rose, Texas on May 4th

"In the last few days I have seen newly emerged monarchs flying across the 40 acres of milkweed around me. They are perfect, fast and happy to be on the wing!" said James McDermott from Kaufman, Texas on May 1st.

What to Watch For
These signs will tell us when the 1st generation is out in full force and ready to continue the journey north:

1. Fresh Wings
Fresh wings signify newly-emerged butterflies.

2. Increase in Numbers
A dramatic increase in sightings occurs because the population grows with each new generation.

3. Northward Surge
Monarchs suddenly spread across the map into the northern breeding grounds.

Surprise Sighting
A monarch was reported in New Jersey — and in fresh condition as the photo shows. Where did it originate? Surprise sightings raise interesting questions.

Monarch Butterfly in Texas with Faded Wings
Last Sightings


Monarch Butterfly in Texas with Fresh Wings

Monarch Generations

Surprise Sighting
Report Your Sightings
Monarch butterfly migration map Map of milkweed emergence: Spring 2016 Monarch butterfly migration map
First Adult
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Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map

After first sightings, continue to report all monarchs — adults, eggs, and larvae.

Monarch butterfly migration map

First Egg
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First Larva
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