Update Tag — and Wing!
Journey North

"Over the winter, local people comb the forests and look for dead monarchs with tags. The tags are then removed and each person has a different method of storing the tags. They hang onto them until a citizen scientist like me shows up to pay them 85 pesos (~ $5) for each tag. This year there was a 15 peso (~ $1) bonus for tags on the wing. Those wings will be used in radio isotope studies and validation to determine natal origin.  After many years (21) the local people and their sons, daughters, and grandchildren know someone will be coming to purchase tags. Usually we set up at a table within the sanctuary.  People line up with their tags. We inspect each tag to be sure that they are legible and authentic. We then count, record the name of the collector and then date and identify the local.  I usually use the calculator on my smart phone to show each person the calculation.  Then I pay out the money and also give a little thank you speech in Spanish."

— Diane Pruden, Monarch Watch

Monarch Butterfly Wing with Tag


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