New Generation
April 20, 2017 by Elizabeth Howard
  As the migrants from Mexico reach the northern limits of their travels, the first butterflies of the new generation are appearing in the south.

Monarch Butterfly in Texas of 1st Spring Generation

"I saw this 1st Generation female in our yard. She was was easy to spot with her coat of fresh colors!"
Chuck Patterson   Driftwood, Texas   April 18, 2017

Fresh Wings!
Chuck Patterson reported the season's first fresh-winged monarch on April 18 in Driftwood, TX. This means that eggs that were laid in mid-March by monarchs from Mexico are now emerging as adult butterflies. They are this season's 1st generation.

"It has been about a month since we started seeing remigrants. I suspect we will be seeing many more 1st Generation this week and next."

Report Wing Condition
When you report a monarch, note the condition of the wings. A monarch from Mexico will be tattered and dull; a 1st generation butterfly will be a brilliant.

Arriving Early
Never have we seen so many monarchs go so far north so early! Journey North maps are capturing a crucial period. During the first 6 weeks of spring migration, we see where the butterflies from Mexico travel and where they lay their eggs. Thanks to citizen science, we know where habitat is critical for 1st generation production.

Egg-Loading and Milkweed
This spring, monarchs are arriving just as milkweed is emerging. People are noticing small plants loaded with eggs and wondering: Will there be enough milkweed to feed the hungry caterpillars? More...

Monarch Butterfly
First Generation
Monarch Butterfly Arriving Early in Ohio
Arriving Early
Monarch Butterfly Larvae and Milkweed Growth
Egg-loading & Milkweed
Journal: Milkweed Study

Find a milkweed plant and document its growth. Observe changes, ask questions, and report your findings.

Journal: Monarch Butterfly Larvae and Milkweed Growth
Spring Migration 2017
Report all monarchs you see — adults, eggs, larvae.
Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map
What to Report Adults
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Monarch butterfly migration map Map of milkweed emergence: Spring 2017 Monarch butterfly migration map
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Other Observations
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