Emergence: First for 2017!

February 8, 2017 by Mary Hosier

Why did these gardens emerge first? Maps can reveal clues to help answer your questions.

Fourth graders at Greensboro Day School, North Carolina Rose Marie Cook

Emerging in Winter

In a winter filled with up-and-down temperatures, freak snowstorms, and record rainfalls Test Gardens are emerging! How will winter’s fickle weather affect garden predictions across the continent?

“Last Saturday we had an unusual snow event and then today, January 12, 2017, it is 51 degrees. We have 4 emerged tulips!” Prosperity, South Carolina 01/12/17 

“It is Ground Hog Day and our tulips have emerged. It’s cold and partly cloudy. We predict the tulips will bloom in April.” Bowie, Maryland 02/02/17 

“Our first tulip emerged on Tuesday, January 31st. Kids were excited and are watching everyday, often twice a day, to see if their tulip has emerged.”  Anona Elementary, Largo, Florida