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Last Choice: Birdseed
In a harsh winter like this one, robins may try to eat birdseed if fruits and berries are scarce. Not adapted to be seed eaters, robins do not have the right beaks for cracking seeds nor the right stomachs to digest them. Robins also aren't accustomed to seeing feeders as a food source. Smart robins, however, may observe other birds finding food there and decide to try it if they are really food-stressed. Robins could not survive on birdseed, and look first for fruits or bare patches of ground to pull yummy worms when the ground thaws.

"Ground is still frozen. They are eating seeds out of the bird feeder."
Sue M., Saint Charles, Missouri (February 25, 2014) 

"A robin here is feeding on sunflower seed with Blue Jays. We have 2-3 feet of snow. This is the first Robin I have ever had on my feeder in over 30 years."
Terry Adair, New Brunswick, Canada (February 27, 2014) 

Image: Ilse Gebhard
Robins at birdbath in snowy yard.