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Far North News
Which Northern Observation Posts (NOP) have seen or heard robins this week? This March 28 photo hints why no robins have reached the Northern Observation Post of Gowganda, Ontario. No robins yet for NOP Lisa in New Brunswick, either: "Old Man Winter is not done with us yet." When we asked Steve of Lewiston, Montana if his robins were singing yet, he wrote: "No, they are looking for their winter coats again." How long do you think our farthest-north observation post in Shageluk, Alaska, will wait for their first robin?

Ade' from Shageluk, Alaska!
The students at the Innoko River School have been enjoying the longer days of bright sunlight! Kids are already getting brown from playing in the sun. We continue to see many Pine Grosbeaks, Black capped chickadees, Boreal chickadees, a Fox Sparrow that has wintered, Downy woodpeckers, our newly-returned resident Bald Eagle, and a Boreal Owl—a recent winter and spring visitor. Meanwhile, NO ROBINS yet.
Ms. Hamilton at Innoko River School, Shageluk, AK (March 26, 2014) 

Photo: Gert Trudel, Gowganda, Ontario, Canada

Deep snow in Gowganda, AK on March 26, 2014