Migration News: March 24, 2015
By Jane Duden
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The week didn't bring a big push north and the robin chorus has barely begun, but spring arrived with more first-robin sightings and songs!

Male American Robin
Males on the Move by James Howard
Highlights: Filling the Map

Average latitude of this week's reports was 42.9 N—the same as last week—but robin abundance has increased as robins continue moving from south to north. Ontario and Wisconsin led in first-seen robins, followed by Illinois, Michigan and New York. The Great Lakes area and parts of Canada showed the most northward progress, and four Canadian provinces accounted for 36% of our total reports. The burst of song reports is still ahead, but the week's most musical states were Michigan and Wisconsin.

Spring's Beginnings
Robins are announcing spring's arrival in reports like these:

"Suddenly there are multiple Robins on everyone's lawns!" 03/21/15   Betsy K. in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Despite the spring equinox, we may still face cold snaps and snowstorms with early spring's variable weather. The good news is that spring has begun!

American Robin on ground in snow
Jennifer Hunt
How Fast? How Far?

American Robins in Rocky Mountains
Anna Anderson
High Elevation Robins

Explore: Climate and Migration

American Robins in parts of Colorado spend the winter at low elevations where the temperatures are mild. Come spring, they head up into the mountains to nest. How is climate change affecting the timing of robin migration?


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