Migration Complete!
April 26, 2017 by Rita Welch

All across their breeding range, robins are home. It's time for raising babies.

American robin incubating eggs on the nest.

Once the chicks hatch, both parents work full-time to protect and feed them.

Darlene Wild   Northville, Michigan
  April 19, 2017

Breeding Season Across North America

Robins reached our northernmost observation post in Shageluk, Alaska on April 18th. Joy Hamilton of the Innoko River School proclaimed their arrival:

"We are so happy to hear and see our first robins. After observing them for many years now we have come to the realization that they are a LOUD and PROUD bird. The first ones that we always see are easy for us to spot because they sit on the very top of the trees and holler their little lungs out, singing away, claiming territory and calling out."

Babies in the Nest
Bulging eyes, gaping beaks and bare pink skin — baby robins are a sight to behold! Newly-hatched chicks weigh about 5.5 gramsa little less than a quarter. They are blind, featherless, and hungry. Both parents are kept hopping, feeding their babies up to 100 meals each day. Within 13-15 days, the once-defenseless babies are ready to leave the nest. See how they grow:

Baby Robin Facts and FAQ's
At this time of year people wonder...

Q. What can I do if I find an abandoned baby robin?

Q. If a nestling falls from the nest, can I put it back?

Q. Why has the mother stopped sitting on the nest at night?

First sightings of robins in Shageluk, Alaska.
Shageluk, Alaska
Joy Hamilton
Baby robins in the nest.
Babies in the Nest
Dorothy Edgington

Baby robins in the nest.

Baby Facts and FAQ's
L. Birnbaum

Explore: Baby Robins

What happens after nestlings hatch? Look closely at the images in the gallery and then read the article to find out more about baby robins.

Baby robins in the nest.
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