Raising Babies
May 3, 2017 by Rita Welch

Robins are busy raising a new generation.

Baby robins in the nest.

During the summer months, robin parents work from sunrise to sunset raising two to four broods.

USWFSmidwest/CC BY-NC 2.0

Nesting Season Across North America

Robins have reached the end of the migration trail. Thank you citizen scientists for your observations and photos that helped us track their journey north.

Family Time
Always on duty, robin parents work as a team to feed, shelter and protect their young. When nestlings fledge, both parents continue to bring them food until mom starts building a new nest for the next clutch of eggs. Dad teaches fledglings to forage for food, recognize dangers, and roost in trees with other robins. The fledglings also learn from other robins when dad leaves to help with new nestlings.

Robin Facts and FAQ's
At this time of year people often have questions about nests, eggs, and babies:

Q. Can I move or relocate a robin nest?

Q. What can I do if I find an intact egg on the ground?

Q. What can I do if I find an abandoned baby robin?

Q. If a nestling falls from the nest, can I put it back?

Keep Watching and Reporting
Please continue to report nesting behaviors to our map. Then get set for a summer of robin-watching!

Robin Annual Cycle: May
Babies in the nest
Dorothy Edgington
Robin Annual Cycle: June
Babies in the nest
Vickie King

Robin Annual Cycle: July
In the nest
Randy Indish
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