Send an Ambassador Monarch to Mexico!

Your symbolic monarch is an "ambassador" that can take your messages of respectful hospitality, friendship, communication, and diplomacy to the students in Mexico. This fascinating insect breeds in Canada and the United States, but also needs a safe haven for overwintering in the mountains of Mexico. You can express your gratitude for safe Mexican habitat by sharing this Ambassador monarch with someone special in Mexico!

Ambassador Paper Butterfly
Artist: Mary Hosier, Journey North

Symbolic Monarch Template

Click on template to open PDF for printing. Pattern makes 2 butterflies/sheet of paper

  • Butterfly pattern (makes 2)
  • Paper (8 1/2" x 11")
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Materials for decoration


  1. Click on monarch images at right, then print and make copies of the sample butterfly patterns. (These patterns are designed to fill a standard letter sheet of paper. If you find the pattern prints too small or too large, it may require adjusting the print size either before printing or at the copy machine. Remember: These are just samples, feel free to modify!)
  2. Cut along the solid lines with scissors.
    (If you want to use other construction paper, trace the pattern on your paper of choice.)
  3. First decorate the butterfly with the patterns and colors of a real monarch. Then make the national flags of Canada, the United States and Mexico and add to the front of the monarch.
  4. Think of a creative way to express your feelings of gratitude for the preservation and care of the monarchs during our cold winters. Please print your message on a computer, so it's easy to read. Attach the message to the back of your monarch. Be sure to include your name and address!

Suggestions: You might want to include these things in your message:

  • Find out how to write, "Hello friend" in Spanish and write it as a greeting.
  • Write your message in Spanish for students to read. Link to some Spanish language message suggestions.
  • Your gratitude for the beautiful and safe Mexican mountain sanctuaries.
  • A promise to care for the monarchs during the summer breeding season.


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