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"Rocinante" Replaced: New Car Needs New Name

Dear Friends,
Your ambassador butterflies and letters have arrived in Angangueo now!

As you should remember, Rocinante, our old, hard-working Volkswagon, announced his retirement last year. His body is now too old and patched to take anyone up to the mountains: Besides, his blood pressure might be also not that stable to stand the 3,200 meter altitude he many times reached visiting some schools to drop your symbolic butterflies. He enjoys a nice retirement life with the family and so, over the year, he trained his offspring taking him around through paths, roads, mountains and valleys to show him where our children receiving your symbolic butterflies live and attend school.

Let me then introduce Rocinante's "offspring" and ask you: Would you like to read the story of Don Quijote de la Mancha, and over the months to come, and suggest a name to give to the new courageous VW?

Remember, this car will be bringing your ambassador butterflies and letters to children in the schools surrounding the Monarch Sanctuaries in our region.
Off we go!!!

Estela Romero,
Angangueo, Michoacán, México.

Ready to go!
Rocinante's VW Replacement

Retired VW, "Rocinante"

Don Quijote stories
For Spanish readers, the story of Don Quixote is famous!