Symbolic Migration News: October 2, 2015
Mary Hosier

Report to the map when you send your butterflies Report Your Sightings
The deadline is approaching! Join classrooms from the U.S. and Canada united by the monarch butterfly. Postmark deadline: October 9th
After School Science Club Members
Boones Mill Elementary After School Science Club, VA
How to Participate: Teacher Packet
Download the instructions for how to create an ambassador butterfly you will send to Mexico. How to Participate
Estela Asks: How do you see monarchs in summer?

Mexican school children only see adult monarchs in clusters of hundreds of thousands in the mountains near their villages. How do you see monarchs?

  • Design your ambassador butterfly to show how you see monarchs in the summer.


life cycle
Report: Join the Community

After you send your butterfly on its journey, report to the Fall Migration map. Participating classrooms can connect through the map.

symbolic migration map
Remember: Postmark by Friday, October 9
Next Update October 23, 2015

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