Butterflies Carry Messages
November 3, 2016, by Mary Hosier
Ambassador butterflies carry wishes of goodwill for the monarch. Let's take a peek at some of them.
Charles Champagne School third graders . Bethpage, New York  Phyllis Ivers
"Monarchs Are Cool"

Your ambassador butterflies carry messages of friendship and monarch conservation between students in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

"Hola! Vivimos en Indiana. Nuestra clase es fantastica. Ustedes viven en Mexico. Mexico es fantastico tambien! Mexico es 'cool.' Las mariposas monarcas son 'cool!'
Hi! We live in Indiana. Our class is awesome. You live in Mexico. That's awesome too! Mexico is cool. Monarchs are cool!" - Bloomington, Indiana

Monarchs Arriving!
Just as the Symbolic Monarchs are on their way to the school children in Mexico, the REAL Monarch butterflies are beginning to arrive at the sanctuaries.
counting counting counting
The Monarchs' Arrival and Mexican Traditions
by Estela Romero
Symbolic Monarch Sample Galleries
Visit the Sample Galleries to see some of the hundreds of ambassador butterflies going to Mexico for the winter.


Report to the Map

After you send your butterfly on its journey, report to the Fall Migration map. Participating classrooms can connect through the map.

symbolic migration map
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