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September 1, 2017 Mary Hosier

Create a Symbolic Monarch Butterfly. Unite your classroom in monarch conservation with students at the monarch's winter home in Mexico.
Students from a school near the Monarch Sanctuaries receiving their Symbolic Monarchs.
Welcome to the 2017-2018 Symbolic Migration!

How can you be an ambassador for Monarch conservation? Join hundreds of students in Canada and the U.S. in creating paper Monarchs that carry messages of friendship and concern to students in Mexico.

Greetings from Mexico!  

By Estela Romero, Journey North correspondent in Mexico

"Soon the real Monarchs will be leaving their northern home and migrate to central México to spend the winter with us! We are so excited to receive the beautiful Symbolic Monarchs you are preparing to make and send. Please keep in mind a couple of important things as you make your paper butterflies..."

Become a Monarch Ambassador  

Prepare your students for their role as ambassadors.

Slideshow: Monarch Butterfly Migration | Crossing Borders and Connecting People

Use Journal Questions to think and write about important topics during the symbolic migration.

  • How can you use your symbolic monarch to begin a friendship with children who live near the monarch's winter home in Mexico?
Report to the Map

After you send your paper butterfly on its journey, report to the Fall Migration map. Include your class photograph. Participating classrooms can connect through the map.

Report | Map
 Next Update October 6, 2017

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