Going Home with Frida

November 2007
Film producer Kay Milam and her crew visited Mexico to film a documentary about monarch butterflies. The Symbolic Migration will be part of the story. The film crew visited Pedro Ascencio school on the day the students received their butterflies. Frida de Jesus is one of the students and the film crew went home with her. Here's what happened:

esculaPA136 esculaPA131 esculaPA132 esculaPA133
Frida listened carefully. Kay told the camera crew the plan. Frida burst out of the door! She rounded the corner ...
esculaPA138 esculaPA137 esculaPA147 esculaPA141
...went out of of the school yard... ...and up the road.. ..to the front door of her house, where here mother was waiting. "What do you have?" her mother asked.
esculaPA142 esculaPA143 esculaPA159 esculaPA162
She read the message on the butterfly. The camera rolled. Frida posed with her Mom. Her yard was warm and sunny.
esculaPA168 esculaPA167 esculaPA166 esculaPA158
Chickens were hiding under a table Boots and flowers balanced on a hand- made table. A purple flower bloomed beside a purple broom Do you wonder whose butterfly Frida has?
Take a look!