Delivering Symbolic Butterflies to a Mountain School

Pedro Ascencio school is a one-roomed schoolhouse where children grades 1-6 attend. It is only a mile from the Sierra Chincua sanctuary. Monarch butterflies fly over the playground during the day as they come and go from the sanctuary. Have you ever wondered how the students get the Symbolic Monarchs? These pictures show Estela Romero and German Medina making a school visit. "The children put the butterflies on the wall and guard over them all winter," said German Medina. "Each student is responsible to take care of their butterfly and the children think of them almost as pets." Students made a symbolic sanctuary with the Symbolic Monarchs they received. Do you see the butterflies hanging in the shape of a tree?

esculaPA172 esculaPA173 esculaPA116 esculaPA117
Pedro Ascencio School German Medina's truck arriving at the school Gathering around with excitment Trying to see them all
esculaPA118 esculaPA119 esculaPA171 esculaPA112
Looking for a favorite It's hard to decide! Choosing symbolic butterflies Silence while everybody reads
esculaPA113 esculaPA124 esculaPA128 esculaPA127
Enjoying a letter Trying to read English Posing for a picture Showing the teacher
esculaPA129 esculaPA120 esculaPA123 esculaPA126
Admiring the artwork   Trading for another Sharing with friends Looking at a picture
esculaPA121 esculaPA122 esculaPA115 esculaPA114
Gathering to see a favorite Reading together Estela Romero asking the children if they will take care of the butterflies all winter. Making a tree as a symbolic 'sanctuary'
Filming the process