Spring, 1997
Jim Gilbert

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Spring's Journey North

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Migrations and Signs of Spring

How You Can Help Track Spring's Journey North

Please watch for these migrations and signs of spring. When these events occur for the FIRST time in your region, report to Journey North. Remember: We can't track Spring without you! Please try to report on as many events as you can. We need help from everyone in order to gather enough data.

Report Your SightingsHow to Report Your Sightings
Simply press the owl button on any page and a Field Data Form will appear.

Migrations Date
First Monarch Butterfly  
First Monarch egg on milkweed plant  
First Robin  
First Ruby-throated Hummingbird  
First Oriole sighted (or heard)  
First Common Loon  
Bald Eagle  
First Whale (Gray, Humpback, Right)  
First Whooping Crane  
Signs of Spring  
First Frogs Singing  
Tulips EMERGE  
Tulips BLOOM  
First Sugar Maple tapped  
Leaf-out of our adopted tree
(Sugar Maple, Dogwood, Redbud or Aspen).
Ice-out date of our local lake, pond, ocean  
Our photoperiod reaches 13 hours  
Other Signs of Spring