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EASTERN Bald Eagle Migration Update: April 13, 1998

This unscheduled update brings exciting news from Peter Nye:

"No doubt about it, although late getting going, 'ol #F44 is on her way!"

Latest Travels of Eastern Eagles
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All winter long--and as late as 6:25 pm on April 3rd--# F44 was still holding tight on the wintering grounds. Even Nye was beginning to think she must be a New Yorker after all. "She may be staying...I'm beginning to wonder...she's giving every indication of sticking around..." he pondered for weeks. After all, #F43 left the same area over a month ago (as of 3/5/98) and even #F42 had finally taken off as of 3/27/98.

Then, sometime between the morning of April 4th and 5:50 pm on the 7th, #F44 traveled some 250 miles northward, all the way to New Hampshire's Connecticut River.

Let's look at the weather on the 4th - 7th. Which days might have been the best for traveling? And why she didn't move much further north between Tuesday, April 7th and Saturday, April 11th? (The data below for 4/12/98 is at 2 in the morning, so don't know yet whether she moved on Sunday.)

What's most exciting is this: Eagles that leave late are expected to go a long, long way north. One year, just as Nye was about to give up, one "New York" eagle traveled all the way to Labrador! This year, all during the month of March, Eagle #F44 waited--even through New York's 70 degree weather. It makes you think, maybe she knew spring hadn't reached her nest site yet.

Let's see what happens next week!

Latest Satellite Migration Data


Challenge Question #9: Guess the Nest
Where do you think our EASTERN eagles' nests are located? Be sure to give the exact latitude and longitude for each eagle's nest.


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The Next Bald Eagle Migration Update will Be Posted on April 20, 1998.

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